About Us

Once a member of the corporate world, Allan Tong engaged in pepper spray training classes in the year of 1994. Allan ran these classes in a tiny office in San Bruno, CA. In 1996, pepper spray training classes were no longer required to purchase pepper spray. As a result of all the credentials and paperwork that were required to become a pepper spray instructor, Allan decided to get into the firearms business. Tong started his business with his son Michael and they created the business Allanson. Allanson began working gun shows throughout the Bay Area. At these shows, they would specialize in selling reloading supplies. For the next few years, Allanson began to grow and soon needed to expand their business. Allan and Michael ended up renting out the office room next door to them and doubled the size of their location. Within the coming years, Allanson outgrew their tiny office space and needed to find a larger place to conduct business. With economic times getting rough, Allan decided that Allanson needed to take the next step towards making Allanson a huge success.

In 2002, Allan bought out the owner of the Antioch Armory (Antioch, CA) and began new ownership of the Antioch Armory. Antioch Armory was a big upgrade from the previous location in San Bruno. Now in Antioch, Allan was able to expand the business by not only continuing to sell reloading supplies, but also being able to have on hand a large selection of firearms, knives, ammunition, safes, and various other firearm accessories. Starting out, Allan did not have much help in running the store. Looking for assistance in running the store, Allan adopted a Rottweiler named Rock who acted as his extra pair of ears and eyes. Soon after, Allan brought on board Hal and Brian who helped anchor the store while his son Michael helped out on the weekends. Antioch Armory was becoming a success and was starting to take off. With the success that the Armory was having, the store became very impacted and there was not much space for customers and merchandise. Looking at options of how to make room in the store, the Armory did not have very many options. In 2007, Allan made a very important move to expand the business.

On 625 W. 3rd St. (one block away from the old location of Antioch Armory), the old marine store was put up for sale. The marine shop is a two level complex and has plenty of floor space. The marine shop would be a large upgrade to the existing Armory location. Knowing the need to expand, Allan purchased the property. For the next year and a half, Allan dealt with the ups and downs of renovating the building to get it up to code. After much time of dealing with various agencies, the Antioch Armory was officially able to open its doors at its new location at 625 W. 3rd St in August 2008.